UFO John Single Cover Art w Colour Correction.png

Who is 69Windmills?

69Windmills is Eddie Gilderflower and his orderly staff. A musician from eras passed, returning to a spotlight once inhabited. An eccentric, who fled the concrete jungle of English cities with his family, to seek solitude in the middle of the French nowhere.

Over too much time he whittled away in an analogue landscape of wires, switches, broken strings, and clapped out keyboards. Weaving lyrics, mixing harmonies and bridging verses, trying to create a track that would both grip the listener, and leave them haunted by what they had just heard.

UFO John is that track. A decade of sleepless nights bearing fruit. A song for lonely dreamers, a song of hope, a song that teeters on the equilibrium of fragility and the chaos of the kaleidoscopic.

We can never know who UFO John is but maybe we all are…


UFO John is set for release in December 2018. 69 Windmills’ debut album is expected early 2019.

For further information, please contact Rudy on 07729301606, or email rudy@cyngmedia.com